Austin Williams, Jaden Williams, Aayan Williams

Austin, Jaden, & Aayan Williams

(I have no recent photos of you)


Austin Williams Note to Hannah, Shelby & Zoe here


Dear Beloved Grandchildren: 

Your mom and I used to have a solid relationship. Then all of a sudden in 1986 ....

Austin Williams, Jaden Williams, Aayan Williams   . . . she disappeared.

That was almost 30 years ago!  Can you believe it???  I mean, how long does it take for a Christian woman to work out her issues with her mother? I spent many years searching for her. I found her on Facebook just before Uncle Ben died in 2009. We had a brief message exchange, and then she blocked me. Obviously, she has some unresolved issues. I do not know what they are. She will not tell me, so there is no way I can help.

I asked, and asked, but I never knew why she shut me out.

I am so sad that she has never allowed us to meet. I want to have a relationship with you!

I was shocked to know that you even existed. I learned of this when we were at the "life celebration" at your Aunt Amy's house in 2009 when Uncle Ben died.

It baffles my mind how a mother of three beautiful boys would keep them from their grandma, and even more troubling is how my beloved daughter refuses to work out her problems with her own mother. She must know how much it has broken my heart. It is not right, it is not fair, it is not Christian, and it is not even legal.

The separation betwen us

** was never my choice **

Your mother has blocked us.

Your father has not answered my pleas to have you call me.

I do not know the reasons..
I have no idea what you have been told.
But I do know this:
My heart has been aching every single day.
I want to know you, love you, see you and talk with you.

Austin Williams So, my dear grandchildren ....

** You must find me for yourself. **

I do believe there will come a day when we will be united - even if it has to be when you are old enough to make your own decisions.

Meanwhile - I trust you to get to know your own inner truth.
Never let anyone tell you what to think or what to feel.

You have a spirit inside where the truth lives.
It is pure.
It is trustworthy.
It is connected to God.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1. I never, ever asked to be left alone. 

2. I have been waiting to hear from you for all these years.
3. My heart is broken without you.
We need each other.   It is not natural for a child to be cut off from their grandma.

I hope you will email me ---->
My phone number is easy to find. 
Lots of relatives can tell you how to contact me.

I love you with all my Jaden Williams ....  You are my flesh and blood ... don't you think it is time we meet?

Please find me.
From your Gramma D. - Sept. 1, 2015

Angela Ames Williams, Dianne Ames    Angela Ames Williams

Dianne Ames - Angela Ames Williams